Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is constantly on the fingertips of every consumer, from their phone to their laptop. With our full service digital marketing services, we will help your brand stay at the top of your consumer’s mind.


Make your presence known with a custom website from C3 Agency. Our web/e-commerce designers will craft a tailor-made site with built in SEO, landing pages and all of the necessary tools to ensure your website will impress. Your website will work extra hard for you by providing data reporting back to you to keep track of your rising ROI.

Search engine optimization

Are you the first to be seen on the Internet? You should be. Our SEO specialists don’t rest until you’re at the top of the Search Engine! Search Engine Optimization is a detailed and very effective way to make your presence well-known.

Social media advertising

Create instant brand recognition through social media marketing. C3 will get you in front of exactly whom you target at the right time, in the right market and on the best platform. We will run eye-catching ads to reach a wide range of targeted demographics, create conversation and hold interest. We also provide customized, monthly reporting

Display Media

What makes this option unique and valuable is that we utilize our data (or yours) to serve display ads to specific individuals. We target people/industries within our database in your target demographic areas. These display ads show up on Google partner sites and are usually based on the interests of the person searching. You only pay per click and can set the monthly per click budget that works for you. We also provide customized, monthly reporting.

Local Service Advertising

With Local Service Advertising, your ad will show to those who search within your keywords, however, you do not pay per click. These ads are displayed at the top of Google Search pages. You only pay if the customer clicks on your ad and follows through with a phone call to you. This is tracked through Google and will be reported back to you through C3 Agency in an detailed, easy to read report. These are a great way to obtain solid leads.

Google Ads

Reach potential customers through keywords that describe your business and what you have to offer. When a potential client searches any of those words, your “ad” will display. We work to get your ad displayed high in the search pages. This is pay per click and there are no budget minimums. We also provide customized, monthly reporting.

Over The Top

OTT stands for “Over The Top” and refers to any streaming service that delivers content over the Internet. OTT is much more targeted than other TV media sources. Ads are served to only those targeted consumers that we designate.

Additionally, we are able to provide attribution reporting that provides a true campaign ROI. At the conclusion of the campaign, we can provide data that shows the number of consumers that were served your campaign on Streaming Internet platforms and how they interacted with the campaign.